Furrows between her brows

Furrows between her brows,
puffed out cheeks,
pouted lips,
a playful joy.

An expressionless mask,
a still visage,
blank eyes,
curving into a smile.

A deeply curved frown,
a blurry stare,
piercing face,
an expressionless wall.

An unforgiving glare,
thin, pursed lips,
hollowed cheeks,
furrows between her brows.

A Place To Call Home

Sailing on,
drifting with the waves,
the waves of life,
away from home.

Standing up,
erect on your own,
your own two feet,
free from home.

Looking back,
far into the horizon,
into the horizon of youth,
wishing for home.

Longing deep,
endlessly into nostalgia,
the endless need,
for a place to call Home.


Dying or dead,
one of suffering,
one of freedom,
shedding or shed.

Lying or laid,
one of pain,
one of grief,
praying or prayed.

Fading or faded,
one faint,
one silent,
dreading or dreaded.

Fleeing or fled,
one happening,
one history,
bleeding or bled.


A matter straight,
two egos great,
for them, fate,
no room for regret.

A mere trait,
growing twice in rate,
filling into its crate,
an opening for regret.

A deadly trait,
spread at an alarming rate,
consuming its crate,
the time for regret.

A glare straight,
two distances great,
a self-destructive fate,
the weight of regret.

Frozen Love

The walls went down,
warmth touched her frozen crown.
It can’t happen again!
Raged the queen of a frozen heart.

The gates of fear drown,
water touched her icy gown.
It will destroy again!
Cried the queen of a frozen heart.

The folk rejoiced in town,
joy turned her deadly frown.
Maybe there is no again!
Said the queen of kingdom Love.


Image result for monsters in my head

Scared, as she drifted to sleep,
Daddy,take a look! She said,
Please take a little peep,
there are monsters under my bed.

Soon she slept, calm and deep,
Daddy! I’m no longer afraid,
please get rest, count some sheep,
the monsters are all gone and dead.

Then she lay, awake in a heap,
Daddy, help me.Silently she prayed,
please, through the night, her quiet weep,
the monsters are alive in my head.

The Rotten Heart

The glorious spreads it’s shine,
the foul had little to cheer,
the gloom remained here,
the rotten heart, a continues whine.

Hidden is darkness without a sign,
all evil left in pain to wither,
it’s effect not unseen hither,
the rotten heart, a crippled whine.

Each ray a creeping vine,
to malice, each one a spear,
no mercy was delivered here,
the rotten heart, a deceased whine.


Brave and beautiful,
fearlessly she led,
unmoved and faithful,
yet she fled.

Shrewd and tactful,
victory she spread,
brilliant and graceful,
yet she fled.

Bold and powerful,
strength she bled,
undefeated and dutiful,
yet she fled.

Reserved and careful,
unsuspectingly she loved,
broken and fearful,
the warrior fled.